Friday, February 8, 2008


Let me get this straight...
You were so gungho to have this law and order piece of legislation passed last year that you prorogued the house and scrubbed the bill.
When the new session was introduced, you chose not to have the bill reintroduced, as passed in the House, but decided it should be as a Omni-mega-bite bill.
Then you called a long recess because you just had too many things to do, not because you and the No-northern Stars Dancers were getting creamed daily in the house.
You come back and finally someone is looking at your bill. But those awful opposition members start getting their hands on such thing as the Chalk River belligerent bungle, You, Me and a dog named Mulrooney, What Economy? and Gag Me With an Environment Canada Scientist. Time to get out of your hidey-hole and act like Rambo!
Now, after the Senate has had a whole 25 days to look at the Mega-Omnibus Bill, including asking the questions that you forget to consider, like 'is this legislation constitutional, or will it end up in an expensive challenge case where all taxpayers lose?' you decide that you want it passed immediately, like yesterday! So you decide to dare the opposition to call an election over it (even though as written the supporting motion would carry no authority over the Senate, nor does it have the earmarks of a real confidence motion - but hey, who said CONserfatives aren't creative?), therefore stalling the bill again?
Who died and made you Czar?


foottothefire said...

It galls to read/here/see media lend credence to a milquetoat 'leader' by calling this a tough on crime bill.
This Harper initiative has nothing to do with crime, criminals, victims, justice or even the crutch of the designated appeal, revenge. This bill has to do with Stephen "Bwana" Harper.

Dame said...

hahahaha ,,you nailed many points very well.. this man is a turtle who spends most of his time in his own shell I just can't fight this image .
Democracy ..parliamentary deals are just not his things... he is a born Dictator.. Even his "Party" members are excluded from decision making or
healthy exchanges of ideas
There is absolutely no shining personality around him..
he is clearly getting uncoordinated erratic paranoid and doesn't even have the strength to call an election himself if he wants .it What a "leader..".


burlivespipe said...

In an effort to 'soften' his pudgy image, Harper has turned to his cabinet, led by 'Snook' Van Loan (check out the children's show character and try not to see a resemblance -- except in decorum), to take over the obnoxious fumes when he's in his bunker. He's so hungry to frame an election, he's willing to sacrifice what little credibility he has -- although it will depend upon some honest reporting to get that out to the Canadian public, so let's hold our collective breaths, shall we?.
You are right Marta, he has no inkling what a 'Real Leader' should do when running a government. He's expended so much energy on attacking the opposition and distracting the public, that he's truly blown an opportunity of doing some electable-worthy things.
And as you noted, FTTF, his crime bill is a sham. But what do you expect from a man who tells his followers to ignore statistics and believe the fear you feel in your mind and hearts? A guy who dumped health care from his five priorities soon as he saw seven terrorists arrested in Toronto, and chose to plug in 'fight the terrorists' as a newfound cause? And had a rope ready to hang Maher Arar due to his drinking Bush's koolaid, but had the gall to suggest that he's a hero of people's rights? We could go on and on.
Thanks for visiting...

Dame said...

Well since you are taking some analytical observations and see thing as they come from the personalities and Characters ...I dare to flaunt my Nagging and Darksey thoughts about the whole Row of Porky Personalities of CONserfatives /That would make it PPC??? lolol/

I am wondering if there should be Drug Testing Rule like any other Blood Sport?//
Do You want me to show pictures???