Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This is probably the 412th time that he has contradicted his own words, but Stephen Harper really should have his nose rubbed into it one of these days.
His ability to act tough while actually standing for nothing is seemingly a never-ending performance.
Today, he's musing about Bali, Dion and the fact that his own actions will face serious study and possibly consequences as he prepares to put up a STOP sign for anything but full compliance. Using the inaction of others as a defence to do nothing is not leadership.
But when he says the Leader of the Opposition shouldn't be going around complaining to others about the Canadian position, or lack there of, shouldn't he be reminded of this?
There was also a funny line from John 'the Beard' Baird about Liberals and Bloc "getting along." Have you looked into your own closet, lately John?

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900 ft Jesus said...

you know, I rarely swear in my non-blog life. Here, all it takes is a few sentences usually containing any, some, or all of the words "Baird, Harper, Day" in combination with "said" and I have to start making up curse words because the standard one are used up within seconds.

The link to Stevie's 2003 comments - most Canadians support the war - and remember, all, that was the Iraq fucking invasion - just a blatant lie. Support for that bloody travesty of human rights was very low in Canada.

Truth means nothing to these...these...(insert cure words) CONs. And if truth means nothing, then the welfare of Canadians means nothing as well, since the second relies upon the first to shape needed policies.