Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Ah, now the under-sell.
Stephen Harper is crafty, he's shifty and more than a little conceited.
He's also as transparent as saran wrap.
All his blathering on the international stage about global warming is the talk of someone who has to sell some old stock that he never liked. Dressing up his plan as though it has teeth, even though virtually everyone with any experience and knowledge of climate change shoots it down as fluffy pillow stuffing.
Turning the page, he's also doing his darndest to look like a man who doesn't want an election -- the eager suitor rarely gets the pretty girl.
Now, he's even musing publicly that a majority isn't in the cards. But behind the scenes, revving up the engines, stoking the fires and stockpiling the mud.
During the last election, he let slip that people shouldn't fear a CON majority -- there were checks and balances to keep them from really wracking havoc on the Canada we know. Thanks for the warning -- the CONs immediately lost 3-4% off their support and ended up with a soft minority.
So now the trick is to convince people at the ballot box, 'Don't worry, it'll be a minority.' And hopes that succeeds to win over a few soft centre votes who like somethings they've done, and wouldn't want the firm grip of Harper anywhere near our national treasures.
Of course, my advice to the Liberal party would be to run an ad with Harper's clip from the past election saying 'Don't worry' and then list off the things he's cut and done: Kelowna Accord, national childcare strategy, our international reputation, the Kyoto Accord, Income Trusts, Canada's independent foreign policy, the court challenges program etc. And then state: "He said not to worry. If he would do this in a minority with a balanced budget, what would he do in a majority?"
It would be a truly scary possibility.


knb said...

Good one!

sir john a. said...

Canada's independent foreign policy? Afghanistan was a Liberal mission, in case you've forgotten.

The Kelowna Accord? Kyoto? HAHA! Yes, precisely the types of issues Canadians are absolutely fuming over! Boy, you Liberals sure do have you finger on Canada's pulse.

Joe: Wait a minute, honey! Harper cut off the KELOWNA ACCORD! Now I remember!

Jane: You mean the outcomes set out in the working paper seek to improve the education, employment, and living conditions for Aboriginal peoples through governmental funding and other programs?!

Joe: Yes!

Jane: Oh, I hate that Harper!

And on our "international reputation," the G8 was on the verge of booting Canada out during Martin's train wreck of a term. Unless you count "The dudes in the blue berets" as an international reputation, I think Canadians are much happier with Harper.

This is what I love about Liberals. They are arrogant enough to think that the programs the new government cut (a government that was ELECTED to REPLACE the Liberals) still matter to Canadians.

Did you ever stop to think Kyoto, Kelowna, "international reputation," "independent foreign policy," and others, were reasons WHY you guys are no longer in power?

Of course not. You're Liberals!

Platty said...

Well said Sir John, they will never listen, but, well said.

burlivespipe said...

Spoken with that Tory tin ear, I see. G-8? You mean the organization, that since the last CON government, we rose to the top of economically under the stewardship of Chretien and Martin? As to Canadians idea of Harper's international focus, I'd say you wouldn't want to put that front and centre in your campaign literature. Being a bully at home and being a bully in foreign circles just doesn't sit well with Canadians -- didn't Harper share that focus group report with you? Oh right, it's in the same pile as Wijad's report...
Just keep singing those tunes and drink up that koolaid, boys.